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Get To Know Me Meme - 1/5 favourite girl groups

APINK. “A new day, and a new start.”

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"why can lee michelle be a kpop star but not chad future :-///" hmm maybe because lee michelle is korean singing in korea in korean

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Melbourne-based photographer Emma Phillips recently traveled to an Australian salt mine and captured some otherworldly photos of the whitewashed landscape.

In describing her minimalist approach, Phillips writes, “I like pictures with not much in them, not too many distractions.” See the rest off the series below!

Minimalist Photos of an Australian Salt Mine

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140724 Mnet M!Countdown 10th Anniversary Special Concert
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140726 - Twitter - Dongwoo


냐냐~.~ 양보단 질! 속도보단 방향!! 오해 보단 이해!!! 말보단 행동 !!!! 질타보단 사랑!!!!! 오리! ‘♤’ 돼지! ‘00’ 가오나시! ¡□¡ 복어! •※• 코뿔소 옆얼굴! £• 니모옆전신! €°{{ 음..인스피릿 멤버들 의견은?

Nyanya~.~ Quality over quantity! Direction over speed!! Understanding over misunderstanding!!! Love over criticism!!!!! Duck! ’♤’ Pig! ’00’ Kaonashi! ¡□¡ Blowfish! •※• Rhino’s side face! £• Nemo’s side! €°{{ Hmm..Inspirits and members’ opinions?

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